Hi, we are Sophie & Ruben Bialon
We’re travelers, nomads, photographers and above all ramen lovers!
After years of working in IT, we thought that the world has much more to offer than a desk, an uncomfortable chair and average coffee in the office, for 8 hours a day for the rest of our professional lives. Luckily we both think alike, so we decided to pack our stuff into two bags and to move to Canada for a while and see where life will lead us.
And here we are, 3 years later. We’ve traveled and lived on 3 continents in more than 20 cities. Somewhere along the way, we felt that what makes us the happiest in the world and what we want to do in life is photography. So we’ve we devoted ourselves completely to taking photos.
We specialize in travel and reportage photography, but we are open to all kinds of cooperation.  

Besides work, we love to travel, eat ramen (obviously) and drink craft beer.
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